What does it mean to be a disciple? Get back to the basics in 2017! DISCIPLESpath is a combined 7 week sermon series along with a 5 week congregational study. Join us as we explore the foundations of following Jesus and discovering the answers to questions that all disciples ask. Register for the study via the calendar under the resources tab.
St. Mark\'s Habitat Build
Thanks to the generosity of St. Mark\'s congregation we have secured funding to sponsor the first Habitat for Humanity home in Washington, IL! Stay tuned for information on the groundbreaking this spring and many volunteer opportunities to come!
Photo appointments for our new pictorial directory are now available! You can sign-up ONLINE by clicking the link above or stop by the Gathering Space on Sunday from 9:30-11:00 to sign up in person. Photos appointment are available February 14-18 and February 21-25. There is no cost to you or the church to have your family photograph taken.